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Uninsured Rate Remains Unchanged Among Some Adults, with Some Losses

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Uninsured Rate Remains Unchanged Among Some Adults, with Some Losses

Nationally, about 27 million people remain uninsured. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid expansion made huge strides toward providing coverage to the uninsured, Kentucky’s proposed changes to Medicaid would impact expansion and current enrollees. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently updated its “Proposed Changes to Medicaid Expansion in Kentucky” which outlines a Fact Sheet of these changes and the potential fallout.

You can also find out where the U.S. stands on insurance coverage now that efforts to repeal and replace ACA have been suspended.

Access to health care should not be a political issue, which is easier said than done. Have A Heart Clinic volunteers agree that everyone should have equal access to quality, specialty care – regardless of income or other factors. The reality is that health care is not equal. People living in poverty cannot get the care they need. They avoid hospitals and doctors until they are extremely sick because they cannot afford care, they lack transportation, and/or they do not trust the health care system and providers.

Health equity and health care equity are human issues with permanent, but preventable, economic, social, and ethical costs. Preventing illness and treating our fellow community members is part of the human condition that left alone will keep our fellow Kentuckians sick and without care. We believe it is our moral and ethical duty to remove barriers to health for all people. We do this by being located near our patients’, providing transportation assistance, providing free outpatient cardiovascular care, and cultivating trust with every individual we treat.



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