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Mission: The Have A Heart Clinic’s mission is to provide free cardiovascular care to uninsured and indigent patients who are at or below the 200% poverty level. We provide all aspects of cardiovascular services and connect our patients support services through our Coordinated Care Model.


Vision: We envision a cardiovascular clinic that serves the uninsured, the insured and low-income patients, regardless of their insurance status or income. The long-term vision for Have A Heart is to offset the cost of free care with revenue from billable services (Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance). We envision a long-term, sustainable Coordinated Care Model that prioritizes the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of the underserved through a variety of treatments with heart health at the center. We envision a place where volunteer medical professionals, new and experienced, will provide patient care, conduct research and create innovative treatment models for the future.




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