Have A Heart– the name of the foundation exemplifies the reason why I volunteer as a board member and sonographer. Dr Imburgia’s vision, passion and more importantly his compassion to provide cardiovascular care to people that struggle in life is contagious. He continues to inspire, motivate and engage people to volunteer because the reward we receive back is far greater than the time we give. “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”
~Winston Churchill

Susan Dillon, Board of Directors

Upon learning about the mission of Have A Heart and seeing the difference the organization made in the lives of indigent and underinsured clients it became an easy decision to accept the opportunity to join its board of directors.

Harold Bates, Board of Directors

I was blessed (20years ago) with the miraculous care of Cardiovascular Consultants – Dr Imburgia , I now wish  to share that special care with others.

Robert Traylor, Board of Directors

I am profoundly proud and honored to have been asked to serve on the Have a HEART (HAH) board of directors. My deeply personal reason to accept this position comes as a result of losing my beloved husband of 49 years, David Burton Holobaugh II, to heart disease three years ago. He fought a long and valiant battle from the age of 38, finally succumbing at the age of 71.

Sandy Holobaugh, Board of Directors

It is my fondest hope that through my support and volunteer work with HAH, that I will make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and who fight the fight every single day against this insidious silent killer known as Heart Disease!

Ronald Ferro, Board of Directors

Have a heart is an important part of my life because my husband has dedicated his entire career to helping others while providing a wonderful life for me and our three children . His dream has always been to give back… the dream became a reality when we started Have a Heart eight years ago.

My happiness from volunteering comes from my nursing background and helping others and seeing my husband filled with joy after every clinic, knowing we are making a difference in many people’s lives.

The anticipation of opening our new, more accessible downtown clinic has become a reality in early 2017. The location will allow us to provide cardiac care to even more patients.

It touches my heart to have so many wonderful volunteers giving their time and talent to help care for those in need.

Sandy Imburgia, Board of Directors

When it comes to filling the gap of specialty healthcare for low-income people in our community, there are many voices and few actors. The Have A Heart Foundation and its Clinic volunteers make specialty cardiology services a reality for uninsured and indigent Kentuckians. When thinking about my own mother and father’s battles with heart disease, I am grateful they had the insurance and financial resources to receive quality care. The Have A Heart Board of Directors and Clinic volunteers mirror my own passion to ensure the poor and uninsured in our community have the same access to quality cardiology care.

Stephanie Davidson, Board of Directors

I volunteer for Have a heart because I firmly believe in working for a cause and a purpose. I believe in being a part of a program that provides excellent health care for those who are not financially stable. I’m honored to be able to volunteer my time for this great cause that I know is making a lasting difference in the lives of others.  I may not have the money to give to make a difference, but I have the time to volunteer.

Amanda Stewart, Volunteer

Being a nurse I just wanted to give back and help in any way I could with these wonderful professional people.  Great experiences; and very rewarding and humbling to give forward.

Lonnie Fell, Volunteer, RN

I work with “Have a Heart” because I want to give back and contribute to a cause.  I want to be a part of a team that has value.  It also gives me an outlet to do something that I love; caring for people and making a difference in someone’s life, including my own.

Pat Driskell, Volunteer, RN

I volunteer my time to Have a Heart to give back to those who need a blessing in their life.  I feel that I have a multitude of blessings in my life and if I can give back why shouldn’t I. Have a Heart is good for the Soul!

Lori Obst, Volunteer

Life can mean so much more when you look outside of what you have. Volunteering for Have-A-Heart teaches me about compassion and team work. It is satisfying to know that I am helping someone that may otherwise not be able to lead a healthy life. It is satisfying to know that I may save someone’s life that otherwise may suffer without my help. I volunteer to be a role model for my daughter and other children that can learn from kindness, empathy, teamwork, compassion and to learn to gain perspective about their own life.

Kimberly Vessels, Volunteer, APRN

Volunteering for Have A Heart is really awarding. It gives me a chance to help patients get the care they need that they normally don’t have access to receive.

Teresa Fries, Volunteer

I support the Have a Heart foundation because heart health is so important for everyone.  Volunteering for the foundation increases access to much needed cardiovascular testing that  would be unattainable for some patients.

Leslie Slaughter, Volunteer

Have A Heart is a great cause and you see results!

Queenie Sembillo-Wolz, Volunteer, RN

I volunteer with HAH because it is my way to pay it forward with the knowledge and experience I have been blessed with.  I am excited to be part of this team and for the care we can provide now and in the future.

Ann Hopkins, Volunteer, MA

The passion that all of the HAH volunteers have for helping others is contagious! That is what made me want to become involved. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I am a part of something so special.

Liza Whalen, Volunteer


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