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The Building Campaign

The Have A Heart Clinic is currently located inside a cardiovascular office in Saint Matthews, Kentucky, far removed from the population it serves. Most of the Have A Heart Clinic patients lack transportation and a bus ride to the clinic can takes more than an hour each way. If the patients work on Clinic days, travel time is a major barrier to adequate care. Although Have A Heart volunteers have successfully treated patients who are able to take advantage of the free gas cards and those who can arrange transportation, the Clinic needs to be in closer proximity to the people it serves. The Have A Heart Foundation knows from experience what current research suggests – improved access to affordable care leads to efficient care and better long-term health.

The Have A Heart Foundation has secured a new location at 310 East Broadway in downtown Louisville which close to area hospitals and the Clinic’s service population. As the Clinic grows, it will require more physical space to provide quality care to its patients and this new building will allow for growth.  As the Clinic attracts additional financial partnerships, the Clinic’s staff and volunteers will require more space and technology to record data and measure outcomes to report to the public. This new space offers five to six exam rooms, a large lobby and reception area, offices and testing/lab rooms. The Foundation will have to ensure the facility is ADA compliant and has room for EMS stretchers and equipment. The Have A Heart Clinic’s goal is to be up and operation by January 2017. The free Clinic will run two to three times per month until the clinic is ready to accept insured patients, at that time it will run five days per week.

In order to maintain the sustainability of the Clinic, the Have A Heart Foundation will continue to keep costs low. The Foundation has already received in-kind donations for much of the equipment and furnishings it will need to run the Clinic. The Foundation is currently engaged in a capital building campaign to bring a diverse group of investors and community interests to the table.


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