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Have A Heart Turns 10
(And We Couldn’t Have Done It WithoutYou!)

When co-founders Dr. Michael and Sandy Imburgia, together with their long-time friend and co-worker Susan Dillon, first began seeing Have A Heart patients in 2008 at an East End doctor’s office, they could not have predicted the growth and impact that the free-standing clinic has today. “When I started this clinic,” Dr. Imburgia recently told a crowd of volunteers at the annual Volunteer Celebration, “I didn’t know that so many people would care as much as I do about our patients.”

2018 not only marks Have A Heart’s 10 year anniversary, it is the one year anniversary of the Clinic at East Broadway. Just last February you helped us open the Clinic at a location more convenient to the patients we serve! Since then our consults are up 119%! By moving the clinic closer to the patients we serve, you made health care more accessible.

As we look forward to the next year, we realize we have so much more to accomplish. We will serve over 300 patients in 2018 and provide nearly 200 volunteer hours at clinics and community health screenings. Our Board of Directors and Committees are working hard to support the patients, the volunteers, and the clinic. We are making plans for expansion, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s to another 10 years of making cardiovascular care free and accessible to the uninsured!


Volunteer Spotlight!

In honor of American Heart Month, we want to highlight ALL our volunteers! Thank you, volunteers, for giving our patients over 100 hours of your time in 2017.  We had a blast at volunteer appreciation bowling night. We hope you did, too! We are so grateful for your time and expertise! We had no idea those expertise included strikes and spares.

And thanks to Fern Bowl for letting this rowdy group have a great time!


December 2017

Patient impact:
*111 NEW patient consults (valued at $17,239.41)
*56 patient follow ups ($5630.80).

Medical Tests/Exams:
*153 Electrocardiogram ($2354.67)
*58 Echocardiogram tests ($13,338.26)
*20 stress echo tests ($5476.20)
*4 vascular ($680.00)
*8 nuclear ($6667.60)
17 treadmill ($1182.52).

A total of $51,386.94 in outpatient medical care in December alone!

Community Outreach (December and January)
*2 community partners (New Directions Housing Corporation and Family Health Center – Portland Clinic)
*24 individual Cardiovascular screenings
*25% have abnormal Blood Pressures
*25% have abnormal arteries in their neck to their brain (carotid arteries)
*40% have high risk American College of Cardiology 10 yr risk of stroke or heart attack.

Early intervention with individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease can help keep them healthy and prevents more serious illness. If your organization serves low-income adults who could benefit from a free health screening, call us 502.245.0002!

Thank You, Donors and Funders!

Have A Heart received a highly competitive grant award from Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence (JHFE) in 2017. JHFE’s Community Health Award has allowed us to build and implement a comprehensive database to track health outcomes for our patients, including our Coordinated Care Patients with multiple chronic illnesses. With this database, we can provide intense data collection and analysis to ensure patients’ needs are being met. The database also improves our ability to provide an elevated level of transparency to our constituents because we can report health outcomes with a higher level of accuracy.
Have A Heart has also received a generous grant from the Irvin F. and Alice S. Etscorn Foundation, a trust managed by Hilliard Lyons, Louisville. The grant will be used to purchase laptop computers for the Clinic’s Nurse Practitioners and other medical specialists to improve onsite patient care.
King’s Daughters & Sons Foundation’s recent investment paid for the purchase of Language Line Services to improve communications with our non-English speaking patients. Not only can Language Line Services help patients with scheduling appointments, it can also act as a translator during their appointments. This service will help our current volunteer translators reach more patients.

New funding partners also include the Heart’s Path Foundation and a $25,000 donation from an anonymous individual! Combined, this support will move Have A Heart closer to its goal of becoming fully operational in 2019.

Thank you to ALL of our donors and funding partners for making 2017 a year of immense growth and impact. 

You Can Stop.

Was your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Great! It’s not too late if you’re still struggling. A new collaborative piece by MedPage Today and the American Heart Association reveals “[s]mokers who light up just once a day have a significantly increased risk for heart disease and stroke.” Louisville Metro offers smoking cessation classes for those who need help quitting. Click the link below to read more about the new study.

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Clinic Dates and Events

February Clinic @ Have A Heart Clinic
Feb. 17 @ 9 AM

April Clinic @ Have A Heart Clinic
April 14 @ 9 AM

If you are a patient needing an appointment, call 502.245.0002.
Volunteers, please email akeating@haveaheartclinic.orgto sign up.

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The Heart Beat is here!

We published our first newsletter today! We want our patients, volunteers, community partners, and donors to know how we’re doing. The Heart Beat has all the latest information on patient volume, medical cost savings and more. Will post the newsletter to the website soon!

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Income Impacts Health Disparities

Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

There’s no question health care costs are rising. Income disproportionately impacts health outcomes. As this article from The Commonwealth Fund points out, “American men with incomes in the top 1 percent live 15 years longer than the poorest 1 percent, while among such women there is a gap of 10 years, according to a 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

In Louisville, people living in the poorest zip codes have a life expectancy of 68, while those living in the east (the wealthier neighborhoods) average 83 years.




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HAH Announces Partnership with New Directions Housing Corporation

Have A Heart is proud to announce its partnership with New Directions Housing Corporation! This partnership enables HAH volunteers to perform onsite health screenings and provide education to more members of our community! Check out New Directions at to learn more about how the nonprofit organization helps individuals and families in our community! Here’s to Heart Health!

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More People Insured, Not Enough Adequately Insured

Survey results from the Commonwealth Fund’s 2016 Biennial Health Insurance Survey reveal “more than half the underinsured had medical bill problems or medical debt, while nearly half went without needed health care because of cost.” A huge education piece for our volunteers is helping our community members understand that “underinsurance” has a negative impact on people with all types of health coverage. The research supports this. Equally important is understanding what it means to be “underinsured.”

Who Is Underinsured?

The Commonwealth Fund’s analysis of the underinsured takes into account an insured adult’s reported out-of-pocket costs per year (not including premiums) and his/her health plan deductible. These  expenditures and the deductible are then compared with household income. A person is underinsured if:

  • 12 months of out-of-pocket costs (excluding premiums)  = 10%+ of household income; or
  • 12 months of out-of-pocket costs (excluding premiums)  =  5%+ of household income if income is under 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($23,760 for an individual and $48,600 for a family of four); or
  • deductible is 5%+ of household income.

Of course, some people pay higher deductibles based upon their perceived risk and/or to offset higher premiums. Furthermore, the definition does not include people who are at risk of paying high costs because of benefit exclusions and copayments. The best case scenario, is that this is a conservative measure of underinsurance in the United States per the Commonwealth Fund’s findings.

Because Have A Heart is not owned by a hospital, our fees for services are 1/3 of the cost. In perspective an echocardiogram (echo) at a doctor’s office would cost an individual $1600. A patient with a 20% deductible  pays $320. At Have A Heart, the actual cost for an echo is $350. An insured patient with same 20% deductible would only pay $70. Hospitals and larger institutions are allowed to charge more. For this reason, Have A Heart’s vision is to open a fully-operational clinic with a “mixed payer” system, where our volunteers treat insured and uninsured patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Insured patients will save money AND support patients who cannot afford to pay at all.

We believe making free access to specialty care is just one way our community can remove barriers to healthcare for the poor, uninsured and underinsured. Qualifying patients don’t have to worry about paying high costs and are therefore treated earlier, preventing severe illness and even death.

Find out more at or speak with a medical volunteer by calling 502.245.0002. We provide coordinated care with heart health at the center.

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Uninsured Rate Remains Unchanged Among Some Adults, with Some Losses

Nationally, about 27 million people remain uninsured. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid expansion made huge strides toward providing coverage to the uninsured, Kentucky’s proposed changes to Medicaid would impact expansion and current enrollees. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently updated its “Proposed Changes to Medicaid Expansion in Kentucky” which outlines a Fact Sheet of these changes and the potential fallout.

You can also find out where the U.S. stands on insurance coverage now that efforts to repeal and replace ACA have been suspended.

Access to health care should not be a political issue, which is easier said than done. Have A Heart Clinic volunteers agree that everyone should have equal access to quality, specialty care – regardless of income or other factors. The reality is that health care is not equal. People living in poverty cannot get the care they need. They avoid hospitals and doctors until they are extremely sick because they cannot afford care, they lack transportation, and/or they do not trust the health care system and providers.

Health equity and health care equity are human issues with permanent, but preventable, economic, social, and ethical costs. Preventing illness and treating our fellow community members is part of the human condition that left alone will keep our fellow Kentuckians sick and without care. We believe it is our moral and ethical duty to remove barriers to health for all people. We do this by being located near our patients’, providing transportation assistance, providing free outpatient cardiovascular care, and cultivating trust with every individual we treat.



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Congratulations, MediStar Nominees!

Congratulations to Dr. Imburgia and the Have A Heart Clinic, both nominees for The Centerstone Healthcare Advocacy Award. The Award will be presented to an individual or organization that has worked to raise awareness of health challenges in our region and worked to affect change. Good luck to all the nominees!

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May 20 Clinic Day

We had another wonderful clinic day. We were able to help even more uninsured patients achieve improved cardiovascular health. Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers I am humbled and inspired by their dedication to help others.

Also please check out the article in MD-UPDATE about our clinic, patients and volunteers.

Have A Heart Clinic

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