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Where You Live May Determine Your Life Expectancy

  • Live West of I-65? Your life expectancy is at least 10 years less than those living east of I-65.
  • Residents of Saint Matthews have a life expectancy of 83, while those in the Parkland and Portland neighborhoods average about 65 years of age (less than that of people living in Iraq).

 (Louisville Metro Health Equity Report 2014).

  • Death by stroke and heart disease is 2.5 to 3 times higher Louisville’s West End.
  • Higher levels of socioeconomic stress, food deserts, and countless other social and economic factors in that area, contribute to shorter and less healthy lives.
  • The Have A Heart Clinic is the only specialty clinic serving the cardiovascular needs of the underserved.

Volunteer Susan Dillon evaluates patient.

Cardiovascular Disease is the #1 Killer of Women and Men in Louisville and the Nation

  • About 694,000 Kentuckians remain uninsured despite the passing of the Affordable Care Act
  • 179,423 individuals in Southern Indiana remain uninsured
  • 40% of Community Clinic patients have cardiovascular health concerns and need a specialist
  • Community Clinics provide a valuable service, but cannot treat health issues that require a specialist.
  • For cardiovascular care,  uninsured and low-income patients have to find a cardiologist who is willing to treat them even if the patient cannot pay.
  • Have A Heart Clinic fills this critical gap in life-threatening illness and treatment.

The Economics of Heart Health

  • Healthcare is an economic issue as much as it is a public health concern
  • 50% of all bankruptcies are due to medical debt (NerdWallet Health Study, 2013)
  • Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy among Americans under the age of sixty-five
  • We believe ALL people should have access to healthcare, particularly cardiovascular services, independent of their financial situation.



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