From 2008 to January 2017, the Have A Heart Clinic was located inside a cardiovascular office in Saint Matthews, Kentucky – far removed from the population it serves.

We moved the Clinic to 310 East Broadway in Downtown Louisville and held the first monthly clinic in February 2017. Most of our patients lack transportation and having the Clinic on the bus route is makes it more accessible. Having the Clinic in closer proximity to the people it serves supports current medical research showing improved access to affordable care leads to efficient care and better long-term health.

The new Clinic offers five to six exam rooms, a large lobby and reception area, offices and testing/lab rooms. . The free Clinic will run two to three times per month until the clinic is ready to accept insured patients, at that time it will run five days per week. Our goal is to be fully-operational by January 2019. Stay tuned!

We have made great progress toward our goal this year. But our work is not done. Thank you for supporting our mission and our patients. We are truly grateful!

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