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Committed to elevating community health in the Kentuckiana region by providing adult patients with  cardiovascular care regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance coverage or status.


Have a Heart Clinic is committed to elevating community health in the Kentuckiana region by providing cardiovascular care, coordinated support services, health screenings and education to adult patients, regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance coverage or status. 

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Our clinic has six full-time staff and is otherwise completely run by volunteers who donate their time and service to our cause.  



Dr. Michael Imburgia
Sandy Imburgia
Susan Dillon

Dr. Imburgia, his wife, Sandy, and their long-time friend, Susan Dillon, began serving low-income and uninsured patients out of Dr. Imburgia’s practice in East Louisville. What subsequently evolved is the only solely cardiovascular care clinic in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.



"It is unbelievable how much the people at Have A Heart care about me."

I love working with the underserved population, however, in the past, it has often been difficult to find specialty care for people with little to no income. Every patient, regardless of ability to pay, deserves quality and compassionate cardiology care. The Have a Heart Clinic has given me the opportunity to provide comprehensive, quality cardiac care to my patients under the direction of Dr. Imburgia and his staff. Without the Have A Heart Clinic, many people would not be getting the care they need.

"It's important to me that no one feel alone in life. I volunteer at The Have A Heart Clinic, so our patients feel welcome and supported."

-Kenny Sulzer, patient

Paula W. Minervino, ARNP

-Peg Foley (Volunteer)



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